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Figure 7

From: Tephra, tephrochronology and archaeology – a (re-)view from Northern Europe

Figure 7

Schematic figure of key archaeological sites that also preserve traces of Laacher See tephra, and (bottom) their distance and compass direction from the eruptive centre. The position of relevant archaeological finds is marked with *. Only at the site of Bad Breisig does relevant Late Glacial archaeology occur above the Laacher See tephra. This small-scale and perhaps exploratory occupation is dated to some time (as much as 200 years) after the eruption [130]. Trou Walou: [131]; Grotte du Coléoptère: [132]; Bad Breisig: [133]; Niederbieber: [134]; Rüsselsheim 122: [135]; Mühlheim-Dietesheim: [136]; Rothenkirchen: [125]; Bettenroder Berg I/IX: [137]; Schadeleben (Weinberg): [122, 138140]. Note that there are additional sites with archaeology and Laacher See-tephra in Belgium (here represented by the stratigraphies of Trou Walou and the Grotte du Coléoptère), the Rhineland (here represented by the stratigraphy of Niederbieber), and in the area around the River Leine (here represented by the stratigraphy of Bettenroder Berg). Site stratigraphies are not to scale.

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