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Table 2 Performance comparison of various dispersed air limes

From: Building limes for cultural heritage conservation in China

  Dispersed air lime, Type C Dispersed air lime Type F Commercially available dispersed lime from one German company
Solid content, wt% 55 54 65
Aggregate content% 10% (white marble powder) 0 15%
7-day pull-off strength on marble substrate/ carbonization depth 0.75 N/mm2/≤1 mm 0.69 N/mm2/≤1 mm 0.28 N/mm2/3-4 mm
28-day pull-off strength on marble substrate / carbonization depth 1.45 N/mm2/3-4 mm 1.40 N/mm2/3-4 mm 0.31 N/mm2/7-9 mm
Capillary absorption coefficient (kg/m2•h0.5) 6.3 2.5 4.5
Chalking No chalking after 24 hours No chalking after 24 hours Chalking after 7 days of construction