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Table 1 Weather stations with records of relative humidity available from the Meteorological Office MIDAS stations held at the British Atmospheric Data Centre (UKMO, 2012)

From: Temporal humidity variations in the heritage climate of South East England

Station Record Frequency
Wisley 1931-a Daily 0900
Heathrow 1949 Hourly
Gatwick 1958- Hourlyb
Goudhurst 1972- Daily 0900
Hadlow Colg. 1972-93 Daily 0900
Mickleham 1972- Daily 0900
Merrist Wood 1973-94 Daily 0900
East Malling 1994- Daily 0900
  1. a Mostly daily at 0900 hrs. A break occurs from 1958 until 1972. From 1931–32 0900, 1500 and 2100 readings and hourly in 21st century. b The early years of the record present data for every three hours, but it is hourly from 1971.