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Table 1 Organic and inorganic chemicals identified by Hawks[13] as having previously been used to treat heritage collections

From: Non-invasive multiresidue screening methods for the determination of pesticides in heritage collections

Substance Trade/other name(s) Chemical family
Carbaryl Sevin Carbamate
Bendiocarb Ficam Carbamate
Propoxur Baygon Carbamate
Borax - Inorganic
Sulfuryl fluoride Vikane Inorganic
Boric acid - Inorganic
Alcohol - Organic
Edolan U Eulan U33 Organic
Pyrethrins - Organic
Phenol Carbolic acid Organic
Hydrogen cyanide - Organic
Naphthalene - Organic
Carbon disulfide - Organic
Lauryl pentachlorophenate - Organic
Ethylene oxide - Organic
Formaldehyde - Organic
Heptachlor Drinox, heptagram Organochloride
Methoxychlor Methoxy-DDT, methoxide Organochloride
Aldrin - Organochloride
Endrin aldehyde - Organochloride
Endosulfan II Phaser, thionex Organochloride
o-Dichlorobenzene - Organochloride
Cyclohexane hexachlorides HCH, lindane Organochloride
Carbon tetrachloride - Organochloride
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane DDT, Anofex Organochloride
p-Dichlorobenzene - Organochloride
Chlordane Belt, Chlor Kil Organochloride
Pentachlorophenol Acutox, Dowicide 7 Organochloride
Chloropicrin PS gas Organochloride
Dieldrin Alvit, Octalox Organochloride
1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene - Organochloride
Ethylene dibromide/dichloride - Organohalide
Methyl bromide - Organohalide
Dichlorvos Vapona Organophosphate
Hydrogen phosphide Phosphine Organophosphorus
Chlorpyrifos Dursban Thiophosphate
Diazinon Knox-out, Dianon Thiophosphate
Malathion Carbophos Thiophosphate
  1. Substances are grouped by chemical family and include trade names where available.