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Figure 1

From: Thin-sections of painting fragments: opportunities for combined synchrotron-based micro-spectroscopic techniques

Figure 1

FTIR analyses of a 3μm-thick thin-section of a lead white model painting (lead white mixed with linseed oil, ratio: 0.5:1). The three spectra are a sum of 3 pixels selected in 3 maps acquired in 3 different acquisition modes, with SR beam: a) transmission mode (beam size: 10×10 μm2, pixel size: 10×10 μm2), b) specular reflection mode (beam size: 10×10 μm2, pixel size: 10×10 μm2), and c) ATR mode (beam size: 28×28 μm2, with Ge crystal, pixel size: 10×10 μm2), on the right side is presented a visible light microscope image of the thin-section after ATR measurements, the dark central area represents contact region with Ge-crystal.

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