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Figure 7

From: Thin-sections of painting fragments: opportunities for combined synchrotron-based micro-spectroscopic techniques

Figure 7

Example of XANES full-field results acquired on mock-up painting sample composed of two Mn-based pigment layer as observed in a) an optical image of a 30 μm thick section composed of MnO 2 and MnSO 4 layers as illustrated in the schema, b) one of the hundreds transmission image of the sample recorded by a 2D detector (pixel size: 0.7×0.7μm²) at E= 6.45keV, c) PCA and subsequent clustering results for localisation of the two Mn-based species with correlative sum of pixel XANES, d) LSLC results using MnO 2 and MnSO 4 reference standards for localisation and quantification of Mn-based species into the sample. From localisation, one pixel XANES spectrum was extracted from each pigment phases.

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