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Fig. 3

From: Protecting silver cultural heritage objects with atomic layer deposited corrosion barriers

Fig. 3

ALD coatings on silver knives: silver knives a bare, without an ALD coating, b with a 100 nm Al2O3 ALD coating deposited with a 0.5 s TMA pulse/1 s N2 purge (fast deposition), and c 140 nm Al2O3 ALD coating deposited with a 1 s TMA pulse/4 s N2 purge (slow deposition). Hazy areas corresponding to incomplete ALD reactions, can be reduced by slowing down the deposition speed, allowing sufficient time for precursor diffusion around 3-dimensional objects. Side B (facing ALD chamber floor during first half of deposition) is shown for all knives pictured in this image. Areas of AFM analysis, shown in Fig. 4, and EDS analysis, shown in Table 1, are circled in b

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