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Table 1 Composition of LegIT pilot trial at case study sites

From: The design of a legacy indicator tool for measuring climate change related impacts on built heritage

Case study Site specific stone Reference cubes Plate no Installed
1. Brú na Bóinne, World Heritage (Co. Meath) Gallstown Greywhacke Historic brick
Peakmoor sandstone
Portland limestone
BnaB1-3 2012
2. Dublin Castle (Dublin city) Wicklow granite As above DC1-3 2014
3. Clonmacnoise (Co. Offaly) Sandstone As above CL1-3 2013
4. Rock of Cashel (Co. Tipperary) Sandstone As above RC1-3 2013
5. Skellig Michael, World Heritage (Co. Kerry) Old red sandstone As above SKM1-3 2011 SKM3
2012 SKM1-2