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Table 1 Summary of the techniques used in this paper, with the corresponding number of samples

From: Material properties of Islamic paper

Technique No. of samples analysed
Iodine test 228
Raspail test 146
Visual assessment for polishing 228
Surface roughness 100
Surface gloss 228
Specular/diffuse reflectance ratio 22
SEM 20
Fibre furnish 15
pH determination 70
DP determination 60
  1. The numbers differ for different reasons; in some cases, there was not enough sample (e.g. for DP determination) and in other cases the available data was enough for calibration (e.g. in the case of pH) to support a hypothesis. The number of analyses for the presence of starch and polishing was considered crucial for the key hypothesis of this paper, therefore, all the available samples were analysed