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Fig. 3

From: What do we know of Roman wall painting technique? Potential confounding factors in ancient paint media analysis

Fig. 3

In fresco, the pigments are not wrapped in a film of organic paint medium, displaying a distinct matte and coarse surface. a, b Detail of a Roman mural painting. Sarno River and two nymphs. House of the Vestals, Pompeii. Musée du Louvre. Exhibition Mujeres de Roma. Seductoras, maternales, excesivas. CaixaForum Madrid. 02.11.2015-14.02.2016. c, d Details of copies of a Roman wall painting by the artist Pedro Cuní. At left, painted in fresco. At right, painted using a paint medium of emulsified wax. The blue and white brushstrokes in the Roman mural display a smooth unctuous surface which seems closer to that of the brushstrokes containing an organic paint medium than to those executed in fresco

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