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Table 1 Average amount of applied products (mg/cm2) on each area of Candoglia and Crevoladossola marble

From: On-site monitoring of the performance of innovative treatments for marble conservation in architectural heritage

Area Treatment Candoglia marble Crevoladossola marble
Amount of product (mg/cm2) Amount of product (mg/cm2)
T Commercial TEOS SILRES BS OH 100® 10.39 10.05
Tn TEOS SILRES BS OH 100® + nano-TiO2 water dispersion (wet on wet) 5.17 9.38
4.94a 8.59a
S Commercial polysiloxane Silo 112® 6.91 10.68
Sn nanocomposite based on Polysiloxane Silo 112® with nano-TiO2 6.02 13.48
CSn Commercial alkylalkoxy-silane-based nanocomposite, PF 4® 5.17 8.84
FS Commercial functionalized SiO2 SIOX-5 S® 11.28 10.59
FSn Nanocomposite based on Functionalized SiO2 SIOX-5 S® with nano-TiO2 5.31 10.81
  1. aThese data correspond to the amount of water dispersion of nano-TiO2 applied wet on wet to both stone substrates