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Fig. 3

From: Polyurethane coatings used in twentieth century outdoor painted sculptures. Part I: comparative study of various systems by means of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy

Fig. 3

FTIR spectra of various 2KSBPU samples: a Imron FG1333 and Imron 2.1 white topcoat activated with FG1333; b Awlgrip G3010 convertor, Aircraft 2000 clearcoat unactivated and activated with G3010; c black, red, orange and yellow EnduraShield topcoats from the 175, 1074U, 1075 and 73 Series; d Akzo Nobel (Akzo 683-3-7 clear), PPG (Deltron DBU blue), Nason (FullBase 3.5 VOC red) and BASF (Glasurit 22 blue)

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