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Fig. 4

From: Van Gogh’s Irises and Roses: the contribution of chemical analyses and imaging to the assessment of color changes in the red lake pigments

Fig. 4

Roses, 1890 (MMA#1993.400.5), Vincent van Gogh. The Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg Collection, Gift of Walter H. and Leonore Annenberg, 1993, Bequest of Walter H. Annenberg, 2002. The arrows show the locations where samples for cross-section analysis were removed (a). Details of book plate from Recueil important des oeuvres de Vincent Van Gogh, Tokio, Atelier, 1935 [5] (b); and of Br (c), Zn (d) and Pb (e) distribution maps acquired by XRF imaging. The image b is cropped on the left edge in the original publication

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