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Table 1 Identified occurrences of artificial orpiment or realgar in Old Master paintings/polychrome sculptures

From: Artificial orpiment, a new pigment in Rembrandt’s palette

Painting/sculpture Sample location References
Polychrome recumbent figure of St Alto, 16/17th C, Parish and Abbey Church St Alto, Altomünster, Bavaria Orange–yellow ground of the gilding Richter et al. [24]
Domenico Tintoretto, Entry of Philip II into Mantua (from the ‘Gonzaga Cycle’), 1579/80, Alte Pinakothek, Munich Orange-colored clothing of the figure at the lower right of the painting Grundmann et al. [33]
Jan Davidsz. de Heem (1606–1684), Still life of Flowers and Fruit with Tazza and Birds, Private Collection Warm yellow of an orange Wallert and Dik [34], Sheldon et al. [31]