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Table 1 Key camera parameters

From: A high sensitivity, low noise and high spatial resolution multi-band infrared reflectography camera for the study of paintings and works on paper

Parameter Value Note
Spectral range (nm) 1000–2450 Broadband
1100–1400 J astronomy interference filter
1500–1800 H astronomy interference filter
2100–2400 K astronomy interference filter
Highest spatial sampling 290 ppi or 88 μm This is the number of pixels per inch at the surface of the artwork or sample size
Working distance 0.2–1 m  
Image display rate 30 Hz Video display rate
Exposure time 0.1–100 ms Variable
Single image frame size 640 × 512 pixels Focal plane array size
Typical area coverage rates ~5 image frames per minute
30 image frames per minute
Manual control of easel
Computer-controlled easel with linear encoders