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Fig. 3

From: New insights into the materials of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Netherlandish paintings in the National Gallery, London

Fig. 3

a Quinten Massys, The Virgin and Child Enthroned, with Four Angels (NG6282), about 1506–9, oil on oak, 62.3 × 43.5 cm; b paint cross-section from the Virgin’s red cloak, showing the chalk ground (the upper zone of which is more translucent), followed by a thin off white priming, a grey underpaint of lead white and a little black and finally a translucent layer of red lake; c paint cross-section from the green robe of the angel at the right, showing the chalk ground and very thin off white priming, followed by a beige underpaint of lead white, haematite, black and a little red lead, a further undermodelling layer containing a similar mixture but with more haematite, and finally a green layer of verdigris that has reacted with the oil binder to form a homogeneous translucent film. Images © National Gallery, London

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