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Table 4 Purple fluorite in Netherlandish paintings

From: New insights into the materials of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Netherlandish paintings in the National Gallery, London

Artist Painting title Date Location of purple fluorite in the painting
After Robert Campin The Virgin and Child in an Apse with Two Angels (NG2608) About 1500? Pale pink tile, with lead white and colourless powdered glass
Workshop of Quinten Massys The Virgin (NG295.2) About 1510–25 With lead white, in underpaint for the Virgin’s blue drapery (upper layer is ultramarine) [7]
Albert Cornelis The Magdalen in a Landscape (NG2585) About 1520 Pink of angel’s robe, mixed with red lake, lead white and colourless powdered glass [7]
Jan Gossaert (Jean Gossart) Virgin and Child (private collection) Circa 1520 Purple–brown background, in uppermost layer, mixed with red lake [37]
Unknown Netherlandish artist John Bourchier, 2nd Baron Berners (National Portrait Gallery, NPG4953) Circa 1520–1530 Brownish purple sleeve [36, pp. 132–3]
Workshop of the Master of the Holy Blood A Young Man Praying (NG1063) Probably 1525–30 Background; lead white and purple fluorite (now hidden beneath overpaint) [6, p. 534]
Jan Gossaert (Jean Gossart) A Man holding a Glove (NG946) About 1530–32 Pink of sleeve, mixed with red lake and lead white [7]
Follower of Jan van Scorel A Man with Pansies and a Skull (NG1036) About 1535 Greyish-purple sleeve, mixed with lead white, smalt and azurite [7]
Unknown Netherlandish artist Sir Thomas Gresham (National Portrait Gallery, NPG352) Circa 1565 Purplish paint in the slashes in the sitter’s black costume, mixed with white [36, pp. 132–3]