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Fig. 7

From: Uncovering the Oppenheimer Siddur: using scientific analysis to reveal the production process of a medieval illuminated Hebrew manuscript

Fig. 7

Pigment identification for the crimson area on folio 73r where the spectrum from PRISMS (black cross) is compared with a Kubelka–Munk model fit (red circle) of a mixture of: a cochineal and vermilion; b brazilwood lake pigment mixed with lead white. In c the outline of the large text in the word panel (black cross) is compared with a Kubelka–Munk fit (red circle) of a mixture of the spectrum of the gold region and the crimson region of the same folio measured with PRISMS (insets show the gold and crimson areas, A43 and A147 respectively). The inset in a shows the crimson area (musician’s coat) where the spectral reflectance data was extracted; the inset in b is a microscope image of the region

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