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Fig. 5

From: Pressures from long term environmental change at the shrines and temples of Nikkō

Fig. 5

a Insects at Rinnō-ji plotted as rank abundance. b Total catch at Rinnō-ji as a function of the traps set. c A Lorenz plot of the fraction the S. hilleri catch at Rinnō-ji as a function of the fraction of the number of sites to determine the Gini coefficient, which expresses the dispersion a the ratio the areas A/(A + B). Note: More formal names are Click beetles Elateridae; Reticulated beetles—Cupedidae; Comb—clawed beetles—Family: Tenebrionidae; Bark beetles—Scolytinae; Tumbling Flower Beetles—Mordellidae; Carpet beetles- Dermestidae; Spider beetle possibly Ptinus japonicas; Longhorn beetles—Cerambycidae

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