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Table 2 Pigment materials used in combination in the Japanese prints considered in this study

From: A timeline for the introduction of synthetic dyestuffs in Japan during the late Edo and Meiji periods

Colors Organic dyestuffs Inorganic pigments
Natural Synthetic
Red Safflower red Vermilion—iron oxide
Carmine Vermilion—iron oxide
Carmine Eosin
Carmine Eosin Vermilion
Naphthol red Vermilion
Naphthol red—eosin
Naphthol red—eosin Vermilion
Purple Safflower red Prussian blue
Magentaa Prussian blue
Magenta—methyl/crystal violetb,c
  1. a Rosaniline before 1869, rosaniline/pararosaniline after 1869
  2. b Methyl violet before 1883, methyl/crystal violet after 1883
  3. c Refer to the previous paragraph for a complete discussion about this possible mixture