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Table 1 Isotope systems which have been used in archaeology and cultural heritage

From: Isotopes in cultural heritage: present and future possibilities

Element Dating Provenance Diet for humans Migration among humans Other
H    X   
B   X    
C XX (C-14)   XX   
N    X   
O   (X) X (X) Paleothermometry
Mg    (X)   
Si   (X)    
S   (X) X   Ore prospecting, pollution
Cl (X)     
Ar X     
Ca    (X)   
Fe   (X)    
Cu   (X)    
Zn   (X)    
Sr   XX   X  
Ag   (X)    
Sn   (X)    
Nd   X    
Hg   (X)    
Pb   XX    
Th X     
U X     
  1. The most commonly used systems are marked XX, those often used X, and those recently tested or used (X)