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Table 2 Characteristic pyrolysis products and assignment results of reddish pigments by THM-Py-GC/MS (the no. peak mark respectively corresponded to the pyrolysis product in Fig. 6)

From: Scientific analysis of tie luo, a Qing Dynasty calligraphy artifact in the Palace Museum, Beijing, China

No. RT/min Characteristic pyrolysis products Assignment results
P1 3.116 Pyrrole Animal glue
P2 5.215 2,5-Dimethyl-1H-pyrrole Animal glue
O1 10.126 Butanedioic acid, dimethyl ester Drying oil
P3 11.993 1-methyl-2,5-pyrrolidinedione Animal glue
P4 13.153 Methyl 1-methylpyrrole-2-carboxylate Animal glue
O2 16.709 Nonanoic acid, methyl ester Drying oil
O3 20.05 Decanoic acid, methyl ester Drying oil
P5 20.514 1-Methyl-5-oxo-l-proline methyl ester Animal glue
O4 20.734 Heptanedioic acid, dimethyl ester Drying oil
P6 22.262 1,3,5-Trimethyl-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione Animal glue
O5 23.933 Octanedioic acid, dimethyl ester Drying oil
P7 24.177 Dihydro-1,3,5-trimethyl-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione Animal glue
O6 26.252 Dodecanoic acid, methyl ester Drying oil
O7 26.942 Nonanedioic acid, dimethyl ester Drying oil
P8 27.804 N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid methyl ester Animal glue
P9    Animal glue
O8 36.961 Hexadecanoic acid, methyl ester Drying oil
W1    Beeswax
O9 40.849 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, methyl ester Drying oil
O10    Drying oil
W2 40.992 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, methyl ester Beeswax
P10    Animal glue
O11 41.61 Methyl stearate Drying oil
W3    Beeswax
W4 43.055 Eicosene Beeswax
W5 45.885 Eicosanoic acid, methyl ester Beeswax
W6 47.205 Docosene Beeswax
W7 49.84 Docosanoic acid, methyl ester Beeswax
W8 51.047 Heneicosanol Beeswax
W9 52.842 Triacosenol Beeswax
W10 53.52 Tetracosanoic acid, methyl ester Beeswax
W11 56.38 Hexacosanol Beeswax
W12 56.951 Hexacosanoic acid, methyl ester Beeswax
W13 59.662 Octacosanol Beeswax