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Table 2 The wood species from Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck and the corrosion degrees

From: Microbial erosion assessment on waterlogged archaeological woods (WAWs) from a Chinese ancient shipwreck, Nanhai No. 1

Sample no. Excavate quadrat-wood number Wood species Corrosion degreea
1 2014NHI-T0301-W9 Pinus massoniana Absent
2 2014NHI-T0601-W19 Pinus massoniana Weak
3 2014NHI-T0502-W9 Pinus massoniana Weak
4 2014NHI-T0102-W7 Alnus trabeculosa Weak
5 2014NHI-T0301-W13 Pinus massoniana Weak
6 2014NHI-T0502-W7 Mussaendopsis beccariana Moderate
7 2014NHI-T0502-W24 Pinus massoniana Weak
8 2014NHI-T0502-W17 Fokienia hodginsii Absent
9 2014NHI-T0102-W5 Pinus massoniana Moderate
10 2014NHI-T0201-wide portside Alnus trabeculosa Severe
11 2014NHI-T0301-W12 Terminalia hainanensis Total
12 2014NHI-T0301-W4 Terminalia hainanensis Severe
13 2014NHI-T0602-W1 Alnus trabeculosa Severe
14 2014NHI-T0102-W12 Pinus massoniana Absent
15 2014NHI-T0502-W2 Mischocarpus oppositifolius Absent
16 2014NHI-T0501-W3 Pinus massoniana Moderate
17 2014NHI-T0302-W1 Terminalia hainanensis Severe
18 2014NHI-T0301-W6 Terminalia hainanensis Total
19 2014NHI-T0301-W13 Mussaendopsis beccariana Total
20 2014NHI-T0201-W1 Fokienia hodginsii Absent
  1. aAccording to Klaassen [32]