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Table 1 The values for the air quality measured with EWO-PPO dosimeters and the passive badge samplers for acetic and formic acid, in the locations in the National military museum and the Tismana monastery

From: Indoor air pollution impact on cultural heritage in an urban and a rural location in Romania: the National military museum in Bucharest and the Tismana monastery in Gorj County

Locations EWO value, ∆E (uv-absorption value at 340 nm) Acetic acid (µg/m3) Formic acid (µg/m3)
National military museum
 1. Warehouse for foreign uniforms
  (a) In room 0.0070 100 40
  (b) In wardrobe 0.0056 140 50
 2. Storage room
  (a) In room 0.0082 100 50
  (b) In wooden chest 0.0114 290 100
 3. Main museum building, contemporary history room
  (a) In room 0.0238 14 15
  (b) In showcase 0.0188 20 19
Tismana monastery
 Icons and textile room 0.0090 1500 800
 Book room 0.0073 1100 520
 In corridor outside of rooms 170 50