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Table 4 Colorants found by HPLC and XRF

From: Colouring of Pacific barkcloths: identification of the brown, red and yellow colourants used in the decoration of historic Pacific barkcloths

Accession number Description Colours sampled Colourant found
CTCTAH sample book
CTCSB2016 No. 10 Plain yellow Yellow Turmeric
CTCSB2016 No. 18 Red/yellow/black pattern Yellow Turmeric
CTCSB2016 No. 20 Plain red Red Noni(T)
CTCSB2016 No. 23 Plain red Red Noni(T), tannin
CTCSB2016 No. 29 Red/yellow/black pattern Yellow Turmeric
Hunterian museum
E417/2 Black/yellow pattern on undyed background Yellow Turmeric
E417/5 Black with red border Red Tannin
E417/11 Red zigzags on black background Red Tannin, iron oxide
E457/3 Red and yellow stripes on undyed background Yellow Turmeric
E458/1 Yellow/black pattern on undyed background Yellow Noni(U)
E458/3 Red/brown/black pattern Light brown Tannin
   Red Tannin
E458/2 Thin red stripes on yellow background Yellow Tannin
E458/4 Plain red-brown r Red-brown Tannin
E458/6 Plain brown and brown/yellow pattern brown Tannin
E595 Red with undyed spots Red Iron oxide
E595/1 Red pattern on yellow background Red Noni(U), tannin
   Yellow Noni(U)
E598/1 Red/yellow/black/undyed stripe pattern Red Noni(T)
E598/2 Red/black pattern Red Noni(T)
E598/3 Red/yellow/black pattern Red Noni(T)
E598/4 Red/yellow/black pattern Red Noni(T)
E599 Dark brown flaking coating Dark brown Tannin, iron oxide
E600 Red border stripe on undyed cloth Red Noni(T)
E601 Red, grey and undyed stripes Red Noni(T)
E602 Red/yellow/black pattern Red Iron oxide, trace turmeric
   Yellow Iron oxide, trace turmeric
E603 Plain red-brown cloth Red-brown Tannin
E606 Plain red and undyed blocks Red Tannin
E608 Plain yellow Yellow Turmeric
E667 Red/yellow/black pattern Red Noni(T)
Kew 42853/2 Plain red cloth Red Noni(T)
Kew 42861 Poncho red/black/undyed pattern Red Iron oxide
Kew 42863 Multi-coloured stripe and leaf pattern on undyed background Red-brown Turmeric, tannin
   Yellow Turmeric
Kew 42885 Plain dark brown cloth Dark brown Tannin
Kew 42947/1 Red handprints on yellow background Red Noni(U), tannin
   Yellow Turmeric
Kew 42947/2 Red stripes on yellow background Red Noni(U)
   Yellow Turmeric
Kew 42958(1) Red pattern on yellow background Yellow Turmeric
Kew 42958(2) Red/brown pattern on undyed background Brown Noni(U), tannin
   Light brown Noni(U)
Kew 42958(3) Red leaf pattern on yellow background Red Noni(U), tannin, turmeric
   Yellow Noni(U), turmeric
Kew 42966 Mottled red on undyed background Red Noni(T)
Kew 42967 Red/purple mottles in triangular pattern Red Madder
   Purple Madder
Kew 42979 Plain glossy red coating Red Tannin
Kew 67802 Red/yellow stripe pattern Red Noni(T)
Kew 73329 Brown pattern on undyed background, brown tassles Brown Noni(U), tannin
Kew 98041 Plain red-brown Red-brown Tannin