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TableĀ 5 Summary of colorants found in all barkcloth samples

From: Colouring of Pacific barkcloths: identification of the brown, red and yellow colourants used in the decoration of historic Pacific barkcloths

Colorant Number of barkcloth samples
Madder 2
Noni(morindin) 4
Noni(morindone) 11
Tannin 11
Turmeric 10
Iron oxide 2
Noni(morindin) tannin 4
Noni(morindone) tannin 1
Noni(morinidin)turmeric 1
Noni(morindin) tannin turmeric 1
Tannin turmeric 1
Tannin iron oxide 2
Turmeric iron oxide 2