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Fig. 5

From: Combined photoluminescence and Raman microscopy for the identification of modern pigments: explanatory examples on cross-sections from Russian avant-garde paintings

Fig. 5

a Detail of sample L6 investigated with TRPL microscopy. b False colour image at the nanosecond timescale (blue channel = 370–390 nm, green channel = 480–530 nm and red channel = 630–670 nm). c False colour image at the nanosecond timescale where blue = 430–470 nm, green = 445–495 nm and red = 480–530 nm. d Reconstructed spectra in selected ROIs of the Layer 1 (red) and Layer 2 (white) at different timescale, identified as cadmium based pigment (Cd1−xZnxS) and zinc white pigment (ZnO)

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