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Table 1 Summary of experimental validations and definitions of the representativeness of simulations

From: Fluid simulations in heritage science

Site Type Time or scenario Quantity Description Refs.
Crypt SS Winter and summer T, RH, V Spatially resolved, averaged for season [26, 44]
Large outdoors site SS Prevailing winds V Pre-validated with literature data [8]
Exhibition space SS Ventilation scenarios T Spatially resolved [43]
Window frame SS Different designs   Spatially resolved [42]
Chapel SS Winter and summer T Single point, seasonal averages [33]
Church Trans 5 h T Several points, continuous data [45]
Library Trans 12 h T, RH Single point, continuous data [16]
  1. The column type indicates whether a simulation is steady state (SS) or transient (Trans). The column time or scenario shows the criteria used to define each simulation, which is either a timespan or certain steady-state situation. The column Quantity indicates the parameter measured in the validation experiments (T is temperature, RH is the relative humidity, V is air velocity)