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Fig. 1

From: Laser cleaning of paintings: in situ optimization of operative parameters through non-invasive assessment by optical coherence tomography (OCT), reflection FT-IR spectroscopy and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF)

Fig. 1

a Floral painting with the laser cleaning test areas shown (yellow rectangles); b visible light and c UV-induced fluorescence images of the cross-section of a micro-sample collected in the red background (sampling location indicated by the yellow arrow in a) showing the entire stratigraphy (10: wax and dirt, 9: varnish, 8: dirt, 7: varnish, 6: red ochre overpaint, 5–3: varnish, 2: vermillion original paint, 1: ground); d detail of the OCT cross-section registered near the place where the sample of b was collected; the visible layers are identified with the same numbers as in c; e photograph of the C area where laser cleaning tests have been performed

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