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Table 1 Individuals selected for this study

From: Mapping diagenesis in archaeological human bones

Field designation Lab designation (KLR-) Excavation designation Source (site) Date (AD) Age (years) Sex Observable disease
D35 10977 Forensic Modern 29 F None
AG134 10236 Kloster II Svendborg 1480–1650 38–48 F None
A85 8348 SOM 00.390 Svendborg 1215–1270 35–70 M None
K1147 10516 ASR2391 Ribe 1050–1536 38–48 F None
K1029 10831 ASR13 Ribe 1425–1738 37–47 F Syphilis
K1256 10810 ASR13II Ribe 1425–1738 45–55 M None
  1. Date intervals are inferred from archaeological evidence, except for A85 that is radiocarbon dated and AG134 where the interval is from archaeological evidence combined with radiocarbon dates of samples in related strata