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Table 3 Historical samples—natural dye

From: Twentieth century Iranian carpets: investigation of red dye molecules and study of traditional madder dyeing techniques

Sample code Dye compounds: (M: major compound) (m: minor compound) Relative ratio of peak areas of detected spectra at 255 nm Chemical structure
B1 Alizarin (M), purpurin (m), nordamnacanthal (m) 3% luteolin-7-O-glucoside, 92% alizarin, 3% purpurin, 2% nordamnacanthal
Luteolin-7-O-glucoside (m)
B2 Alizarin (M), purpurin (m), nordamnacanthal (m) 87% alizarin, 10% purpurin, 2% nordamnacanthal
B3 Alizarin (M), purpurin (m) 91% alizarin, 9% purpurin
D2 Alizarin (M), purpurin (m) 85% alizarin, 15% purpurin
  1. Relative ratio (%) individual peak area divided by sum of peak areas multiplied by 100