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Table 2 Shifts in band assignments for the proteinaceous reference samples as detected by the application of FTIR at different modes

From: The application of FTIR microspectroscopy in a non-invasive and non-destructive way to the study and conservation of mineralised excavated textiles

Band assignment Wavenumber (cm−1)
FTIR-ATR, literature
Wavenumber (cm−1)
FTIR transmission
Wavenumber (cm−1)
FTIR reflectance
ν(N–H) amide bond 3275 3325 3325
ν(C=O) amide I bond 1615 1690 1720
δ(N–H) amide II bond 1515 1528 1541
ν(C–N) amide III bond 1235 1235 1248 (silk), 1260 (wool)