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Table 2 Operating conditions for the ICP-OES measurements with the iCAP 6300 Dual View

From: Conservation issues and chemical study of the causes of alteration of a part of the Stave Church in Hopperstad (Norway)

Operating condition/instrument part Value/type
Effective focal length 383 nm
Spectral range 166–847 nm
Detector CID86 chip (charge injection device)
RF generator 27.12 MHz solid state
Plasma viewing Dual
Plasma and shear gas Argon
Nebulizer Burgener MiraMist high solids nebulizer (0.4–2.0 mL/min)
Spray chamber Glass cyclone
Plasma torch Enhanced matrix tolerance (EMT) semi-demountable
RF power 1150 W
Pump rate 50 rpm
Auxiliary gas flow 0.5 L/min
Nebulizing gas flow 0.5 L/min
Number of replicates per sample 3
Maximum integration time for low WL range 15 s (both axial and radial)
Maximum integration time for high WL range 10 s (axial) and 5 s (radial)
Flush time 45 s