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Table 7 Plastic reference materials

From: Non-invasive identification of polymers in cultural heritage collections: evaluation, optimisation and application of portable FTIR (ATR and external reflectance) spectroscopy to three-dimensional polymer-based objects

SourceMaterialsFTIR moduleAvailability
Infrared and Raman Users Group (IRUG)161 synthetic resinsTransmission, DRIFTS, ATROpen source
Bruker Polymer Library (2010)117 polymersATRWith instrument purchase
Bruker Complete Library (2018)26,000 compoundsATR~ $7000 AUD with instrument purchase
Shashoua [32]15 historic polymersATRPublished book
Saviello et al. [15]62 polymersATR, ERJournal article appendix
In-house reference spectra15 adhesives, 25 polymersATR, ER
ResinKit™50 modern thermoplastics~ $400 AUD
Thea can Oosten workshop (2005) samples17 historic polymersNo longer available
Yvonne Shashoua workshop (2015) samples16 historic polymersNo longer available
POPART SamCo Kit46 plastic samples and objectsAvailable for loan