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Table 3 Conditions in the showcase and in the concert rooms used as boundary conditions for the diffusion problem

From: Modelling wooden cultural heritage. The need to consider each artefact as unique as illustrated by the Cannone violin

Concerts IDViolin player’s nameRHshowcase (%)RHconcert (%)ΔRH (%)TOC (h)ΔMexp (g)ΔM/TOC (g h−1)
1Mario trabucco53.961.1+
2Feng ning40.8− 13.12.75− 0.65− 0.24
3Feng ning41.4− 12.52.75− 0.37− 0.13
4Peter sheppard42.9− 11.02.00− 0.39− 0.19
5Peter sheppard47.4− 6.54.00− 0.25− 0.06
6Mario trabucco61.7+
7Salvatore accardo50.9− 3.04.25− 0.15− 0.04
8Mario trabucco55.3+
9Mario trabucco38.8− 15.14.50− 0.86− 0.19
  1. RHshowcase isn the average RH level in the conservation showcase, RHconcert is the average environmental RH measured during the whole period the violin was outside the case for the concert, ΔRH is (RHconcertRHshowcase), TOC is the time the violin was kept outside the showcase for the concert, ΔMexp is the mass variation measured as the difference between the value of mass when the showcase is opened and the value of mass just before closing again the instrument in the conservation showcase