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Table 2 Overview of the analysis areas and XRF-identified elements

From: Uncovering hidden jewels: an investigation of the pictorial layers of an 18th-century Taskin harpsichord

AreaIDChromatic areaIdentified elementsa
Outer case1GoldenPb, Au, Zn, Ba, Fe, Sr, Ca, Cu, Bi, Cr, Ag
2WhitePb, Fe, Ca, Bi, Zn, Sr, Ba, Cu, Mn
3Red-lacunaPb, Hg, Fe, Ca, Zn, Sr, Cr, Ba, Bi, Cu, Mn, Zr
4RedPb, Hg, Fe, Ca, S, Sr, Zn, Ba, Bi, Cu, Al, Cr, Zr
5WhitePb, Fe, Bi, Sr, Zn, Ca, Ba, Cu, Al
6Green-borderPb, Zn, Ba, Fe, Bi, Sr, Ca, Co, Cu, Cr
7BluePb, Fe, Bi, Sr, Zn, Ca, Ba, Co, Cu
8Golden-borderPb, Au, Fe, Ba, Zn, Sr, Ca, Cu, Cr, Bi, Ag
9Golden-reddish- borderPb, Zn, Au, Fe, Ba, Sr, Ca, Cu, Cr, Bi, Mn, Cl, Ag, K
10Dark brown-blackPb, Fe, Ca, Bi, Zn, Sr, Ba, Mn, Cu, Cr, K, Si
11Green-borderPb, Zn, Fe, Ba, Bi, Sr, Ca, Cu, Cl, Mn
12Black spot on golden borderPb, Zn, Au, Fe, Ba, Sr, Ca, Cu, Au, Bi, Cr, Mn, Cl, Ag, K
13Integration on golden borderPb, Zn, Cu, Ca, Au, Fe, Ba, Sr, Si, Cr, Mn, Cl, K, Bi, Al
14White–pinkPb, Fe, Bi, Ca, Zr, Ti, Cu, Zn, Mn, Cr, Rb
15Golden-border-lacunaPb, Au, Ba, Zn, Sr, Fe, Ca, Cu, Bi, Cr, Ag, Zr
16Golden-reddish-borderPb, Zn, Au (ma) Fe, Ba, Sr, Ca, Cu, Cr, Bi, Ag, Zr, Rb
17WhitePb, Fe, Bi, Sr, Ca, Zn, Ti, Cu, Mn
18BrownPb, Fe, Ca, Zn, Sr, Hg, Mn, Bi, Ba, Cu, Zr
Stands19LacunaPb, Cu, Ca, Zn, Bi, Fe, Zr, Ba, Co
20LacunaCa, Pb, Fe, Sr, Bi, Cu, Mn, Ti, K, Si
21GreenZn, Pb, Fe, Ba, Sr, Bi, Ca, Mn, Cu
Lid interior22Golden-borderPb, Cu, Ca, Fe, Zn, Au, Ba, Sr, Hg, Bi, Cr, Mn, K, Al
48Dark greenPb, Fe, Bi, Ca, Cu, Zn, Ti, Ba, Cr
49Light green–bluePb, Fe, Bi, Ca, Cu, Zn, Zr, Ba
50GreenPb, Fe, Bi, Zn, Ca, Cu, Ba, Zr, Cr
51Dark green–brownPb, Fe, Zn, Ca, Bi, Cu, Hg, Ba, Cr, Zr
52Dark greenPb, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ca, Bi, Cu, Hg, Zr, Ti, Ba
53RedPb, Fe, Hg, Ca, Cu, Bi, Mn, Zr, Ti, Cr
54WhitePb, Fe, Bi, Ca, Zn, Cu, Zr, Ba, Cr, Ti
55GreenPb, Fe, Zn, As, Cr, Cu, Ca, Bi, Zr, Ti
56Light brownPb, Fe, Ca, Bi, Cu, Zn, Ti, Ba, Cr
57BluePb, Fe, Bi, Zn, Ca, Cu, Ba, Ti, Cr
58BrownPb, Fe, Bi, Cu, Ca, Zn, Ti
59White–pinkPb, Fe, Bi, Hg, Ca, Zn, Cu, Ti
60Light bluePb, Zn, Fe, Bi, Ca, Ba, Cu, Cr
61Brown-borderPb, Zn, Fe, Ba, Sr, Hg, Bi, Ca, Cu, Mn, Cr, Si
62Brown-borderPb, Zn, Fe, Ba, Sr, Hg, Bi, Cu, Ca, Cr
63Brown-border-integrationPb, Zn, Fe, Ba, Sr, Hg, Bi, Ca, Cu, Al, Cr
64Brown-border-integrationZn, Pb, Fe, Ba, Sr, Hg, Bi, Ca, Cu, Cr
65Brown-border-integrationZn, Pb, Fe, Ca, Sr, Cu, Mn, Ca, Bi, Cr, Hg, Ba, Al, Si
Keywell23LacunaCa, Pb, Cu, Fe, Sr, Zn, Ba, Hg, Mn, Au, Ti, Bi
24RedZn, Ca, Pb, Hg, Cu, Fe, S, Cr, Ba, Sr, Mn, Rb, Bi, Al
25Red-pinkPb, Ca, Zn, Cu, Fe, Sr, Hg, Ba, Bi, Mn, Ti
26BluePb, Ca, Cu, Au, Fe, Bi, Zr, Ti, Mn, Ba, Zn
27BluePb, Ca, Cu, Au, Fe, Bi, Zn, Mn, Cr, Ti
28PurplePb, Ca, Cu (ma) Au, Fe, Zn, Sr, Bi, Ba, Hg, Mn, Al, Cr
29GoldenPb, Cu, Au, Ca, Fe, Bi, Ti
30White-groundCa, Pb, Cu, Fe, Sr, Ti, Mn, Au, Bi
Lid exterior31Green-integrationPb, Zn, Fe, Bi, Cr, Ca, Sr, Ba, Mn, Cu, Si, Bi
32GoldenPb, Zn, Au, Fe, Sr, Ca, Ba, Cu, Bi, Cr, S, Mn, Ag, Si
33Dark greenPb, Fe, Zn, Ca, Cr, Sr, S, Ba, Cu, Bi, Mn, K, Si
34WhitePb, Zn, Fe, Ca, S, Bi, Hg, Cu, Ba
35RedPb, Fe, Hg, Zn, Ca, Sr, Cu, Cr, S, Mn, Bi, Ba, K, Si
36PurplePb, Fe, Ca, Zn, Sr, Hg, S, Sr, K, Bi, Cr, Cu, Ba, Mn, Bi, Si
37RedPb, Hg, Fe, Ca, S, Zn, Sr, Bi, Cu, Ba, Si
38BlackPb, Hg, Ca, Fe, Zn, Sr, S, Ba, Bi, Cu, K, Mn, Si, Cr
39Green-border-integrationPb, Zn, Fe, Cr, Sr, Ca, Bi, Ba, Cu, Mn, Hg, Si
40Green-borderPb, Zn, Fe, Ba, Sr, Bi, Ca, S, Si, Cu
41White-lacunaCa, Pb, Fe, Zn, S, Cu, Sr, K, Mn, Ti, Si
42Yellow-greenPb, Fe, Zn, Cr, Ca, Sr, Bi, S, Cu, Hg, Ba, K, Mn, Si
43PurplePb, Fe, Zn, Ca, Sr, Ba, S, Bi, K, Mn, Cu, Si, Cr
44RedPb, Fe, Hg, Zn, Ca, Sr, Ba, S, Bi, Mn, Cu, K, Si, Cr
45WhitePb, Hg, Fe, Zn, Sr, Ca, Ba, S, Bi, Cu, Mn, K
46Green-border-lacunaPb, Zn, Ba, Pb, Sr, Bi, Fe, Ca, Cu, Mn, Al, Si
47Yellow-whitePb, Fe, Ca, Zn, Bi, Sr, Hg, Cu, Ti
Soundboard66RedPb, Fe, Ca, Hg, Mn, Cu, S
67WoodFe, Ca, Mn, K, Cu, Pb, S, Ti, Zn, Si, Al, Rb
68WhitePb, Fe, S, Ca, Hg, Mn, Cu, Rb, Ti, Zr, Zn, Al
  1. aMajor elements with bold letters, minor elements with regular letters, trace elements with italic letters