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Table 1 List of analysed samples, with typology and color indication [43, 44]

From: Pottery production and trades in Tamil Nadu region: new insights from Alagankulam and Keeladi excavation sites

Sample No.SiteMunsell colour (surface)Munsell colour (bulk)Typological classification
A15Alagankulam7.5YR 5/17.5YR 5/1Rouletted ware (black) (RW)
A167.5YR 4/3 + 7.5YR 6/67.5YR 5/1Sigillata
A177.5YR 6/17.5YR 6/1Grey ware (GW)
A185YR 2.5/17.5YR 3/1Black ware (BW)
A195YR 6/85YR 6/8Rouletted ware (red) (RW)
A207.5YR 6/87.5YR 6/8Red polished ware (RPW)
A215YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 5/87.5YR 5/2 +7.5YR 5/7Black-and-red ware (BRW)
A225YR 2.5/17.5YR 3/1Northern Black Polished Ware (NBPW)
K1Keeladi7.5YR 5/67.5YR 5/6 + 7.5YR 5/2Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K25YR 4/67.5YR 6/8Red polished ware (RPW)
K35YR 2.5/1 + 7.5YR 5/87.5YR 5/2Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K45YR 3/35YR 4/6Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K57.5YR 6/45YR 5/6Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K65YR 5/85YR 4/6Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K75YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 4/67.5YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 5/2Black-and-red wares (BRW)
K85YR 2.5/1 + 7.5YR 5/87.5YR 5/1 + 5YR 6/4Black-and-red wares (BRW)
K95YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 5/65YR 4/1 + 5YR 5/4Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K105YR 2.5/17.5YR 3/1Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K115YR 5/85YR 5/3 + 5YR 5/8Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K125YR 4/65YR 4/6Coarse Red Ware (CRW)
K135YR 5/87.5YR 2.5/1Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K145YR 2.5/15YR 3/1Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K155YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 5/47.5YR 2.5/1Black-and-red ware (BRW)
K165YR 5/85YR 5/8 + 5YR 2.5/1Red polished ware (RPW)
K175YR 2.5/1 + 5YR 5/67.5YR 2.5/1Black-and-red ware (BRW)