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Table 2 Semi-quantitative data on mineral phases detected by XRD analysis

From: Pottery production and trades in Tamil Nadu region: new insights from Alagankulam and Keeladi excavation sites

Sample IDTypologyPetrographic FabricBirefringenceQuartzAlbiteAnorthiteOrthoclaseAmphibolePyroxeneIllite/MuscoviteIlmeniteTitanite
A 15RW (black)AGM-1: silty and fine-grained matrix without tempersM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 16SigillataM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 17GWM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 18BWM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 19RW (red)M-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 20RPWM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 22NBPWM-Hxxxxx    xx  
A 21BRWAGM -2: silty matrix and mafic granulite rock fragments (fine grained)M-Lxxxxx trtr trtr
K 1CRWKLD-1: silty matrix and mafic granulite rock fragments (coarse grained)M-Lxxxxx xxxtrtr
K 4CRWM-Lxxxxx xxxtrtr
K 5CRWM-Lxxxxx xxxtrtr
K 6CRWM-Lxxxxx xxxtrtr
K 12CRWM-Lxxxxx xxxtrtr
K 3BRWKLD-2: silty matrix and mafic granulite rock fragments (fine grained)M-Lxxxxx trxxtrtr
K 9BRWM-Lxxxxx trxxtrtr
K 13BRWM-Lxxxxx trxxtrtr
K 14BRWM-Lxxxxx trxxtrtr
K 2RPWKLD-3: silty homogenous matrix and granitoid rock fragmentsM-Hxxxxx   xx  
K 16RPWKLD-4: silty matrix and polycrystalline rock fragments (fine grained)M-Lxxxxxxxxxxx x
  1. (x) is related to the relative phase abundance; tr, traces; Birefringence: M-L, medium–low; M-H, medium–high