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Table 1 The fatty acid content of drying oils typically present in paintings [6, 14, 15]

From: Insights into the yellowing of drying oils using fluorescence spectroscopy

Fatty acids Linseed oil (%)Poppy seed oil (%)Walnut oil (%)Safflower oil (%)
Palmitic acid(C16:0*)6–88–123–75.5–7
Stearic acid(C18:0)3–62–30.5–32–3
Oleic acid(C18:1)14–2412–179–3010–35
Linoleic acids(C18:2)14–1955–6557–7655–81
Linolenic acid(C18:3)48–603–82–160–1
  1. * C16 indicates the number of carbons in the chain (in this case, 16 carbons), while the second number indicates the degree of unsaturation (number of double bonds)