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Table 3 Concentration of organic acids (sum of formic acid and acetic acid) in one storage building with mechanical ventilation (I), two rooms in another storage building with semi-passive climate control (II) and outdoor

From: Quantification of formic acid and acetic acid emissions from heritage collections under indoor room conditions. Part I: laboratory and field measurements

Concentration (µg m−3)
SeasonStorage IStorage II –archival collectionsStorage II –mixed materialsOutdoor
Winter7 (6 °C)3 (9 °C)28 (9 °C)< LOQ
Summer15 (14 °C)9 (17 °C)97 (15 °C)< LOQ
  1. The measurements were conducted in winter and summer. In parentheses the temperature is given for each occasion (monthly average), except for outdoors