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Table 1 Samples taken for physicochemical analyses from caves Oyola 1, 7 and 34

From: Looking for paint mixtures to glimpse pictorial techniques: a micro-stratigraphic physicochemical approach to the rock art from the Oyola’s Caves (Argentina)

SampleRockshelterColourType of motif
329-1-17Oyola 1BlackBird
329-1-18Oyola 1BlackCamelid
329-07-02Oyola 7RedFeline
329-07-03Oyola 7WhiteGeometric
329-07-14Oyola 7WhiteBird
329-07-30Oyola 7RedAnthropomorphic
329-34-1Oyola 34BlackCamelid
329-34-3Oyola 34RedCamelid
329-34-13Oyola 34BlackCamelid
329-34-14Oyola 34RedCamelid