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Table 2 Results of FTIR-ATR analysis for the samples exposed to artificial ageing for a maximum of 748 h: PUV1 (exposed on grain side) and PUV2 (exposed on corium side)

From: Studies on the effects of mixed light-thermal ageing on parchment by vibrational spectroscopy and micro hot table method

Exposure time (hours)νAI (cm−1)νAII (cm−1)Δν(AI–AII)I(AI)I(AII)I(AIII)a(AI)
PUV1 (grain side)
PUV2 (corium side)
  1. The wavenumber values of Amide I (νAI) and Amide II (νAII), the cumulative peak shift of Amide I and Amide II (Δν), the intensity of Amide I, II and III bands (I(AI), I(AII), I(AIII)), as well as the area of the Amide I peak (a(AI)) are listed for each mock-up at selected times