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Table 3 List of the theoretical Raman shifts of collagen in parchment compared with those obtained for the unaged parchment used in the accelerated ageing experiments, and their relative vibrational modes

From: Studies on the effects of mixed light-thermal ageing on parchment by vibrational spectroscopy and micro hot table method

Raman shifts and ranges (cm−1)
Literature [54,55,56,57]
Raman shift (cm−1) of unaged parchmentVibrational mode
30303030ν (CH) olefinic
1660–16701660ν (C=O) Amide I
15501448δ (CH2)
1230–12601233Amide III
800–1000800–1000C–C stretching of Pro/Hypro ring
C–C stretching of protein backbone