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Table 1 Earthquakes causing intensities VII or greater near Giza area.

From: Sustainability problems of the Giza pyramids

DateLocation of epicenterEpicentral intensityCairo (locational) intensityRemarks
2200 BCTall BasataVIM = 5.8. Deep fissures and soil cracks in Tall Basata
24–20 BCAlex offshore Strong sea waves
320Alex offshoreVIIVIIMany houses destructed
796SE Mediterranean SeaVIFelt at different localities of Egypt, partial damage of Alex Light House
5/26/1111East CairoVIIVIIDestruction of Rehachope Temple
8/8/1303FayumVIIIVIM = 6.5. Severe earthquake: many places in Cairo were destructed, affected the Nile Valley till Quoos and little damage
1326Alex offshoreVLight house was shocked, felt in many places
1687Alex offshoreVIVIAlexandria was vibrating for 10–12 days
9/1754TantaVIIIVIITwo-thirds of Cairo buildings damaged. 40,000 fatalities’
8/7/1847FayumVIIIVI3000 houses and 42 mosques destroyed. 85 fatalities
1870East of MediterraneanXM = 7. Severe earthquake, felt in vast area 32° N, 30° E
1908Alex offshoreStrongly felt earthquake
10/1/192029.4° N
31.0o E
VIIV-VIM = 5.8
10/12/199229.89° N
31.22° E
HL, = 5.9
Mo = 8 × l017 N-m
Depth 25 km