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Table 1 Concentrations of sumVOC, formaldehyde, formic acid and acetic acid in museum enclosures as published in the literature

From: Adsorbent media for the sustainable removal of organic air pollutants from museum display cases

Measurement locationAERsumVOCFormaldehydeFormic acidAcetic acidReferences
n [h−1/d−1]Concentrations [µg m−3]
Traditional wooden cabinets 16–470< 1–11685–1836[12]
Modern metal cabinets 24–26< 149–51
Traditional wooden display cases 15–7113–4884–337
Wooden cases with metal barrier foil 51–136< 162–175
Modern wooden cabinets 742131
Showcases, not specified 16–438113–3215[35]
Microclimate (MC) frames 0.15–15 d−1107–5274< 10–510100– > 2000[5]
Modern showcases directly after production 0.02–0.05 h−13819–25,21327–6830–80397–2352[3]
Modern showcases in museum use 0.01–0.04 h−1102–26,516< 2–158< 12–350< 42–5698
Traditional showcases 87–280069–57106–782452–3282