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Table 2 Target substances selected for laboratory experiments. Kinetic diameters are taken from [36]

From: Adsorbent media for the sustainable removal of organic air pollutants from museum display cases

SubstanceMW [g l−1]BP [°C]KD [Å]Main emission sources
Formaldehyde30.03− 194.0Wood, wood-based products, adhesives
Formic acid46.03100.84.0Wood, wood-based products
Acetic acid60.05118–1194.4Wood, wood-based products, paints, cleaning products
Toluene92.14110.65.85Solvent-containing products
Alpha-pinene136.23155144.8Wood, wood-based products, coatings, oils, fragrances, cleaning products
  1. MW molecular weight, BP boiling point, KD kinetic diameter