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Table 1 Comparison of passive samplers of various configurations in regards to the geometry, sampling reagent, sampling rate and LOD (for the recommended sampling period)

From: Validation of passive samplers for monitoring of acetic and formic acid in museum environments

Name Geometry Reagent Sampling rate (ml/min) LOD (\({\upmu }\hbox {g/m}^3\)) Refs.
Palmes diffusion tube Tube, \(l={7.1}\,\hbox {cm}\), \(d={1.1}\,\hbox {cm}\) 1 M KOH, 10% v/v glycerine   AcOH: 44, HCOOH: 13 [11]
SPME     AcOH: 5.3, HCOOH: 28.9 [35]
SKC diffusive sampler   Coconut charcoal AcOH: 19.6 AcOH: 10 [9]
Diffusive sampler Badge, \(h={7}\,\hbox {mm}\), \(d={55}\,\hbox {mm}\) 10% TEA, 5% glycerine   AcOH: 3.7, HCOOH: 3.2 [36]
Radiello radial diff. sampler, \(h={6}\,\hbox {cm}\), \(d={5.8}\,\hbox {mm}\) Wet TEA AcOH: 97±3, HCOOH: 91±4 – 112±3 AcOH: 0.4, HCOOH: 0.2 [10]
NILU passive sampler Badge Alkaline solution impregnated filter   Both 0.5 [12]
IVL passive sampler Badge, \(h={13}\,\hbox {mm}\), \(d={25}\,\hbox {mm}\) Impregnated membrane   AcOH: 4, HCOOH: 1.5 [14, 16]
  1. \(l=\) length, \(d=\) diameter, \(h=\) height