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Table 2 Lithostratigraphical subdivisions of the geology of Malta [22] and respective physical properties ([24]: 165)

From: Architectural ruins: geoculture of the anatomy of buildings as illustrated by Casa Ippolito, Malta

Formation Porosity
Compressive uniaxial strength (N/mm2) (dry) Flexural strength (N/mm2) (dry) Member Age
Upper coralline limestone 2.4–32.3 8.8–67.2 NA Ġebel Imbark Messinian
Tal-Pitkal Tortonian/Messinian
Mtarfa Tortonian
Għajn Melel Tortonian
Greensand 23.8–32.4 NA NA   Tortonian
Blue clay X X X   Langhian/Tortonian
Globigerina Limestone 26.2–37.4 8.9–22.0 1.1–4.7 Upper Globigerina Burdigalian/Langhian
Middle Globigerina Aquitanian/Burdigalia
Lower Globigerina Aquitanian
Lower coralline limestone 1.8–28.3 6.8–105.0 NA Il-Mara Chattian
Xlendi Chattian
Attard Chattian
Magħlaq Chattian
  1. X not applicable, NA not available