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Table 2 Summary of other codices, their respective regions and time periods, that share the same material findings with the Huexotzinco paintings

From: An analytical study of the Huexotzinco Codex using X-ray fluorescence, fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy, and portable Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Huexotzinco painting materials Codices sharing similar materials Codex region Codex time period
 Gypsum + amate paper Seldon Roll Mixtec Colonial
Borbonicus Central Mexico Colonial
Azoyu I Mixtec Colonial
 Maya blue (indigo supported with palygorskite + sepiolite) Borgia Central Mexico Pre-colonial
 Organic yellow dye with silicates Borgia Central Mexico Pre-colonial
Cospi (recto) Central Mexico Pre-colonial
Zouche-Nuttall (verso) Mixtec Pre-colonial
Selden Codex Mixtec Colonial
Selden roll Mixtec Colonial
Colombino Mixtec Pre-colonial
Bodley Mixtec Pre-colonial
 Iron-rich Earth pigment Vaticanus B Central Mexico Colonial repainting
 Mixture of Maya blue, organic yellow dye, silicates Cospi (recto) Central Mexico Pre-colonial
Fejérváry-Mayer Central Mexico Pre-colonial
Colombino Mixtec Pre-colonial