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Table 2 Major differences observed on the murals in each sector

From: Characterisation of materials and techniques in first archaeological findings of Nasca wall paintings

Distinctive features Phase 3 Phase 4
  Y08 Exp133
16N, 17R, 18J
Y08 Exp138
Y08 Exp 135
1V, 2V, 3J, 4R, 5R, 6R, 7R, 8N, 9N, 10N, 11N, 12N, 13V
Repaint with coating layer Yes Yes No
White coating Clay and gypsum Clay and gypsum Siliceous material
Colours Black, red, yellow, Red Black, white, purple, red, orange, yellow, green
Pigments Unidentified black, red ocher, Red ocher Graphite/charcoal, white siliceous material, hematite, red ocher, orange ocher, yellow ocher, paratacamite with malachite and chrysocolla